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Hi! HotBounce Affiliate Program


How it Works!

You earn money by publishing our products on your web site, blog, profile, forum. If any of our products is clicked and purchased through your web site you will earn money.



Is it free?

Yes, no payment is required for any of the affiliate program. You only have to setup it once and we take care of customers. When you sign up, your account will be created. You will have your own real-time reporting pages and you can see your account balance anytime you want.



Where is the catch?

The catch is that we offer commision of 50% for the advertisement you do for us.



When can I affiliate?

If you already have a web space (blog, profile, forum or any Internet site) you can start immediately by following the two steps below.





1. Begin affiliation

First, register for free with the Plimus service below.
(or use BMTMicro or ShareIt if already registered)



2. Get your affiliate link.

When you have registered you will receive your affiliate link. Put the link into your web space (blog) where you wish to promote our products. The better the place, the better your sells are! The top of your page is the best place.


You are done!

Next, if your goal is to make more impact therefore more sells, then use the related promoting image for the product you are promoting (listed below).


If you need any technical support or if you want an alternative product image of the product you can contact us at:


If your visitors have any questions about our product, you can redirect them to us to:



Thank You! We are chasing more affiliates like You!



Images to promote the product on your web space






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