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CD DVD Media Cataloging Software
CD DVD Media Cataloging Software
Version:, Last updated: 8.Oct.2011
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Did you find that CD !? I have told you to use that program!

CD DVD catalog - have all of your files in one...

Save tons of time and money and maybe your fingers too!

CD DVD catalog is a software program to catalog, organize, index and maintain all of your disks content in one archive. All file and folder names on disks will be stored in one list, which you can search anytime for any file or folder that you need quickly. It is fully automatic, easy and very smooth to use.

In short this application will simplify your way of finding your data out!

Also, using it, spare more than $3000 dollars! How?

By stop searching your files and make a simple calculation.

Imagine yourself searching for 1 file about 20 minutes every day...

In a month it will be 10 hours! (a working day). And, if you are payed $25 dollars per hour, you have lost 250 dollars of your time just by searching alone!

In a year that means $3000 dollars...

Hence, a little of investment buying this program will be more than worthed, you will reach any of your files instantly, saving time and money.

If so, this application will pay itself in just a few days.

And, your CD/DVD ROM doors will thank you also.

Think about it... Do you search for 2 or more files per day?

If yes, then click now the below box and install it free for 15 days with no obligations!

Download CD DVD catalog Demo

With CD DVD catalog you can:

  • Index and remember all your CDs, DVDs.
  • Store and centralize all your files in one place.
  • Keep track all of your data.
  • Search even before inserting disks into media.
Microsoft Windows 7 Compatible Application

Microsoft Windows Vista Ready Application
Compatibility tested - Compatible with operating systems Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95
CD DVD catalog has been security tested and certifed by Softpedia NO SPYWARE, NO ADWARE, NO VIRUSES

Try it now, free for 15 days with no obligations!

Total downloads since 2005: 1,724,383 Users: 12,824


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CD DVD catalog Screenshots

CD DVD catalog main window
CD DVD catalog search file and folders
CD DVD catalog edit catalog
CD DVD catalog advanced search
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How to install CD DVD catalog

First download CD DVD catalog setup executable, then double-click it to start the installation and follow the instructions appearing in the installation window.

  • Works on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95.
  • Compliant with Microsoft standards.
  • Start Menu and Control Panel uninstall feature supported.
  • Smart uninstallation of installed files only.
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FAQ about CD DVD catalog

Please send your questions to

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CD DVD catalog Help

The program is fully integrated with Windows Operating Systems, it has a self-intuitive visual user interface, is handy and simple to use, no configuration needed. For more help, please send your questions to

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CD DVD catalog Awards

CD DVD catalog was submited to well known listings and antivirus sites around the world. They have tested the program for possible virus infections, malware functions and system compatibility, to guarantee its usability and freshness. Their listing and awarding of the program ensures you that you can safely use this program with no risk.


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CD DVD catalog PAD file

Webmasters, affiliates, partners, resellers and publishers can download the PAD file, to obtain all the detailed information about the CD DVD catalog program in one XML formatted file, for information or promotion purposes. Right click and Save Target As here: Save CD DVD catalog PAD file

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Users comments about CD DVD catalog

Comments (7)


Hello. And Bye.


Hi, those two buttons are sexy! Wanna click them :)))


nice, good work guys!


I downloaded it now! Seems nice! I will test it...


Site about interesting


I cannot even imagine how messy was my archive before adopting this liberating tool. I had to remember where all of my work were, and now I have realy everything in one place on a disc, and peace of mind. Very helpfull!


love the two buttons



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