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Pictures Viewer 3D Software
Pictures Viewer 3D Software
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PicLighter Viewer

"A new view"

With PicLighter (3D picture viewer) software you can view and perceive your pictures, images and photos in a completely different way and really feel them!

It offers you an incredible magnification and picture dynamic motion energy.

Photographers and particularly Game-fillers love PicLighter! Suitable for project and real estate presentations, art galleries, exhibitions...

It can be combined with touch-screen to create a kiosk viewer for spectacular shows on fairs, for presentation of your products, innovations in a way as it has never been seen before...

View your pictures with awesome magnification!

PicLighter opens all major picture/image formats. It is an OpenGL based Software for Microsoft Windows.

It has drag and drop enabled, drag and drop on shortcut, files extension association, multiple sessions supported, single and multi-picture view, full screen option.

You can save Picture As, Send to Desktop, Send to My pictures, Send to Mail Recipient, Send to Web Browser, Rotate, Mirror, Tail, change picture gamma and brightness. Interface appearance control.

Any screen text or button can be hided (for kiosks). Mouse, wheel and keyboard sensitivity and direction settings available, and more...

Download PicLighter Demo
Microsoft Windows 7 Compatible Application

Microsoft Windows Vista Ready Application

Compatibility tested - Compatible with operating systems Microsoft Windows XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95

PicLighter has been security tested and certifed by Softpedia NO SPYWARE, NO ADWARE, NO VIRUSES

Try it now, free for 15 days with no obligations!

Total downloads since 2006: 1,164,401 Users: 7,218


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PicLighter Screenshots

PicLighter main window
Browse pictures
Zoom pictures
Viewer options
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How to install PicLighter

First download PicLighter setup executable, then double-click it to start the installation and follow the instructions appearing in the installation window.

  • Works on Microsoft Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, ME, 98, 95.
  • Compliant with Microsoft standards.
  • Start Menu and Control Panel uninstall feature supported.
  • Smart uninstallation of installed files only.
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FAQ about PicLighter


What is PicLighter?

PicLighter or picture, image, photo, graphic and fax viewer or browser is a computer program that displays a stored graphical image; it can often handle various graphics file formats.


How do I associate my pictures with PicLighter to open with double-click?

Press the F4 key to open options window, under the first tab "General" click the Associate Files... button. In the window Select File Associations select the picture types you want to open with PicLighter and click the Associate button.


What picture file formats can I view with PicLighter?

You can view all major picture/image formats such as JPG, GIF, BMP.
Also, all the below picture formats are supported:

JP2, JPC, J2K, J2C

Joint Picture Expert Group
JPEG 2000
Portable Network Graphics
Windows Bitmap
TIFF image
GFI Fax images
Windows Metafile
Microsoft DirectDraw Surface
Encapsulated Post Script
Targa Image
Zsoft Paintbrush
Windows icon
Portable Bitmap
HIPS image
Sun Rasterfile
Adobe Photoshop Image
Paint Shop Pro Image
Silicon Graphics
Kodak Photo-CD Image


Can I install PicLighter on Windows 95 or 98?

PicLighter was designed for Windows XP. However, you can install PicLighter on Windows 9x.


What the PicLighter name means?

"Pic" is the abbreviation for Picture and the program itself makes your pictures lighter to observe.


My PicLighter do not opens and in not show pictures, what can I do?

You need a graphic card that supports OpenGL. However, you can try to install a software rendering engine. Download OpenGL for PicLighter (SetUp 800Kb)


What is OpenGL?

OpenGL (Open Graphics Library) produce 3D computer graphics (and 2D computer graphics as well). It is very popular in the video games industry. Its widely used in CAD, virtual reality, scientific visualization, information visualization, and video games development.


How can I view a picture from Web browser in PicLighter viewer?

Just drag and drop the picture in the PicLighter window or drop it on PicLighter shortcut. If the file type of the picture you drop is associated with PicLighter, then the PicLighter will run automatically. Note, that dropping pictures from web-browser works only for pictures without a hyper-link, if the picture have a hyper-link then what you really drop is a hyper-link and not a picture. This is a default windows shell behavior. Dropping a hyper-link in PicLighter has no effect.


I have accidently associate the Photoshop PSD extension with PicLighter, how can I associate it back with Photoshop?

To change the file association of PSD or any other file, you first need to view the file's properties. You can view a file's properties by selecting the file and choosing "Properties" from the File menu. In the Properties window, click the "Change..." button. You are given a list of recommended programs to open the file along, with several other programs on your computer. In this case for the PSD extension you choose the Adobe Photoshop program from Programs list. click the checkbox next to "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file." After you click OK, the PSD files will be opened by the Adobe Photoshop program whenever you double-click the file. If the program you are looking for is not listed in the program list, you can click the "Browse..." button to browse your hard disk for the related program.


I have installed and run the PicLighter but a lot of options do not work, they are disabled, why?

You have probably install the PicLighter demo edition. You must install the Full edition of PicLighter. It has all options enabled. By purchasing the registration key you will get the full edition and benefits. To see ordering information, benefits and price click here:


Can I open pictures in PicLighter using a batch file? Are there some command line switches?

No,there are no command line switches, but you can open pictures by using a pictures file paths as parameter separated by a space (do not forget quotes).




"C:\Progrm Files\HotBounce\PicLighter\PicLighter.exe" "C:\MyPicture1.jpg" "C:\MyPicture2.jpg"


There will be new versions of the PicLighter in the future?

Yes, a new PicLighter with more features is in the development stage. However the registered users are lifetime free of charge for all PicLighter versions.


Please send your questions to

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PicLighter Help

Hotkeys - keyboard Shortcuts:

F3 Browse picture
Insert Browse picture
F3 + [shift] Browse folder
Insert + [shift] Browse folder
F4 Options
F11 Start slide show (any key or mouse click it stops)
Alt + Enter Full screen (toggle)
TAB Show next picture
Space Show next picture
TAB + [shift] Show previous picture
Backspace Show previous picture
Delete Send picture to recycle bin
Delete + [shift] Deletes picture from disk
F5 Reload pictures (refresh)
[*] (asterix) Zoom all
[-] (minus) Zoom in
[+] (plus) Zoom out
Enter (return) Zoom selected picture
Esc (escape) Exit
Arrow keys Move picture
A,S,W,D Move picture
To add pictures when you browse or drop pictures hold down the [ctrl] key.
To break the multiple pictures loading process press the escape [esc] key.

The program is fully integrated with Windows Operating Systems, it has a self-intuitive visual user interface, is handy and simple to use, no configuration needed. For more help, please send your questions to

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PicLighter Awards

PicLighter was submited to well known listings and antivirus sites around the world. They have tested the program for possible virus infections, malware functions and system compatibility, to guarantee its usability and freshness. Their listing and awarding of the program ensures you that you can safely use this program with no risk.


Vista Files Soft 3K Soft for All Soooooft Download 2 You Top Shareware Shareware Connection Download 3000 Brother Soft

Core Download IT Shareware Ivertech Soft Soft Free Download Software SoftArea51 soft-files

FreeDownloadSeeker Windows7download
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PicLighter PAD file

Webmasters, affiliates, partners, resellers and publishers can download the PAD file, to obtain all the detailed information about the PicLighter program in one XML formatted file, for information or promotion purposes. Right click and Save Target As here: Save PicLighter PAD file

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Users comments about PicLighter

Comments (7)


Just downloaded!


The best thing I ever used on my fair. Folks just plays with it...


Really worth it!


FANTASTIC. Can't believe how professional it looks and is so easy and cheap. You are a bit unsure at first, so simply try demo and see just how simple it is. I use it right now.


Might be good but can't tell. It does not work with the Mac you see! Software is not available yet and no suggestion as to when it will be. Mac owners, hold off buying until you check the website for the Mac software!

Aleck M

An absolutely amazing product. I ordered mine only yesterday and it arrived instantly :o. It's a great viewer for my pictures, and it doesn't usually get things complicated. Would recommend to someone with a lot of taste =P.


Whats the program you used to create it?



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